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scented paper / 100 strips
APRICOT SKIN SUEDE scented paper is made using the same technology that was used in the 19th century to make Papier d'Armenie, a perfume paper designed for fumigating spaces. To do this, simply tear off one strip, fold it into a accordion and set fire to one of the edges. Then blow out the open flame so that the paper remains smouldering. Place the smoldering strip in an ashtray. The paper can also be used as bookmarks or sachets.

APRICOT SKIN SUEDE is based on chords of grey suede and apricot rind, forming the soft, fruity heart of our new perfume CRÈME DE LA CRÈME. Following the tradition of classic 'Armenian paper', we have complemented it with powdery and balsamic notes, as well as natural osmanthus absolute.